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Looking at old age from far away

A few days ago, I visited my grandparents. Originally, I hadn’t intended on doing so for another two weeks, since it is Ramadan and I was unsure of how to handle the fact that we’d be having coffee, if I … Continue reading

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Some animals are more equal than others…

Last sunday, a group of lions ate a giraffe. Last sunday, an animal was slaughtered by having a bolt shot in his head. Last sunday, people totally lost it and sent death threats to people for killing a giraffe, while … Continue reading

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I’m yet another black guy! – Or: Yeah, sorry, it really – again! – is about race.

I am not Samuel L. Jackson. I am not Laurence Fishburne. I’m yet another black guy. In case you are wondering why I have to make such a statement, watch this short (hilarious!) clip: In this clip, an entertainment reporter … Continue reading

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There are no gays and lesbians in a perfect world – Or: Questioning labels

Incident 1 When I was a child, about eight or nine years old, I talked with my mother about the term ‘gay’ (‘schwul’ in German is exclusively a term for gay men). I had come home from school and stated … Continue reading

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Ranting about sex and violence in TV and movies – Or: This is probably a waste of time…

This was supposed to be a rant about Game of Thrones and all the sex and violence in it. It still kind of is, but it got a bit more general. I have a problem with Game of Thrones, the … Continue reading

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