When you’re down and troubled…

What do you do when you are down? What do you do when you are sad? Tell you what I do! I go on YouTube.

If I’m just a little tired, I’ll turn to some good old bloopers from TV shows I like:

I love this one, because of the reactions of Patrick Stewart.  Beautiful!

If that doesn’t help or if I’m more annoyed at the world, I turn to stand up comedy. I like comedians like Trevor Noah, Rhod Gilbert, Dwanye Kennedy or Simon Amstell:

Stand up comedians, with a few exceptions, are great commenters on the human condition.

But sometimes, even this can’t cheer me up, so I turn to my secret weapon:

People being cruel to their kids! (Wow, this makes me sound like a terrible person! Then again, neither did I do it nor tape it nor upload it. And I work with kids so this is my only way to vent.)

Works every time!

Feel free to share your own cheer ups!






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Should you wonder about my name, it is an anagram.
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