Is Iwan Rheon gay? – Or: Why loving the stars holds us back

Disclaimer: This text will not answer the question posed in the title. In fact, the author has no direct knowledge of any actors sex life. He is only focused on his own sex life, which due to reasons of frequency does not take up a lot of his attention. Unfortunately, I might add! (I’ll need a cup of tea now, before I go on.)P1000051

A couple of days ago, taking a well deserved break from relaxing, I became aware of the search engine terms on my stats page, which for the first time since I started this blog a week ago actually showed me something. Somebody had found my blog by searching “the homosexual lifestyle” and “iwan rheon gay”. My first thought was: “Uh, I see a pattern there!” (And, upon writing this, I realize I am not breaking with it. Perhaps I should not tell my girlfriend of my blog just yet. She might get suspicious. Then again, homosexuality is really not the topic of this post. Or is it?)

My second reaction was thinking about why someone would search for “iwan rheon gay”. Was somebody just curious? Or were they looking for a person named “Iwan Rheon-Gay”? Was it a woman, fearing that a rumor she had heard was true? Or was it a man, who hoped that he (Rheon) might be gay? In any case, what good would the knowledge of his possible availability do them? You would still need “access” to him. And he would still need to be single. (Okay, I might be a bit too naïve about that part.)

This reminded me of something else I once saw. In the comment section of an article on…something (Star Wars, perhaps), a man had written that he hoped that Natalie Portman was a Republican. Besides the fact that I think there are few things more horrible you can wish a person to be, the intensity and desperation with which this guy hoped and wrote, struck me as odd. From the rest of his post it was clear that he was infatuated with her.

But what good does knowing that some movie star has something in common with you or corresponds with your sexuality do, if they are virtually “unattainable”? (I don’t like the word, because I feel it implies possession of the other person, but I can’t come up with a better one at the moment. You would think I could, with what I wrote about my sex life and all, but I guess I don’t have a lot of attention to give in the first place.) Why would you even waste a thought on someone in that perspective, if you’ll probably never be with them?

Mind you, I’m not saying you shouldn’t think someone is hot, or find somebody attractive, or shouldn’t fantasize about them. (This is a religious author, so I use the word ‘fantasize’ in a “we’d-get-married-and-have-children-and-lead-a-happy-life”-way, not in the “he-pressed-his-muscular-chest-against-me,-I-felt-the-warmth-of-his-embrace,-his-tender-lips-upon-my-hungry-mouth-and-the-hardness-of….” – I digress!)

What I mean is that actually doing the research isn’t helpful at all! First of all, before you can have even the slightest chance with anyone, you have to have met this person. Humans are sensual people when it comes to attraction. Seeing, hearing and smelling are important, especially if all you are in for is a one night stand. And secondly, why destroy your fantasy with facts? I admit, for some people this would not be a problem, but just as many people have a hard time putting the knowledge of “reality” behind them. But ladies, Neil Patrick Harris can be so totally straight in your mind! And gay guys, Terrence Howard and Jamie Foxx (I’d get in trouble at our next black people meeting, if I didn’t mention at least two black people in my post at some point!) can be yours truly! Just don’t forget that a fantasy is just a cigar… sorry, I think I messed up this quote.

But doing the research can also make something too real. If you found out that Iwan Rheon was gay (straight) and you were gay (straight), what would that mean? What would you do with that information? I am afraid that a lot of people would be in danger of losing themselves in the planning of their future with him (or with some other hot guy. {As if such a man exis…- I digress!}). Or they would pass up on real life people whom they could meet right in front of them. Nobody can compete with an idealized person, whom you have never encountered to witness their disgusting little quirks. (Of which neither Iwan Rheon nor Natalie Portman nor Jake Gyllenhaal have any. Wait, why did I mention Gyllenhaal in that sentence? Odd, he doesn’t feature in the rest of the post! Note to self, delete before publishing!)

In short, fantasies and made-up lives with the rich and the famous are not a problem within themselves. But once they get too real, life might pass you by. Perhaps you should just think of them as a different kind of real, but not the kind you can live on forever.


Oh, and if you do find out if Iwan Rheon is gay, let me know! I’m just curious. Juuuuust curious.


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2 Responses to Is Iwan Rheon gay? – Or: Why loving the stars holds us back

  1. Enjoyed reading this! The links were also fun. (But you might want to check the 1st one, which didn’t work for me.)

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