Why I (want to) blog

Why do I blog? What do I/don’t I want to blog about? And who am I anyhow?

What I want to do with this blog is think. When I think about things, I sometimes have trouble keeping track of where I started and where I’m going. So I’m trying to get some discpline into my thoughts. By forcing myself to put a thought that I like into a text, I force myself to check if it makes sense, still is fun/good/true(for me) or if it makes no sense at all (That’s not always a bad thing).

It is very likely that I’ll have several ideas rolling around in my head. Whenever I’ve drafted and produced a text that I am happy with (and that doesn’t get me into trouble) I’ll post it. I must confess, I am always a little worried of making a fool of myself. (And there I have an idea for a post. How nice! This actually works!)

What I want to post about is everything that I encounter. That might be a scene I witness on the bus or a book I’ve read. Even so I would like to, I’ll probably won’t be able to stay away from political and social topics. So expect some posts on race, gender and such things. I am still debating within my head, if I should write about theology and religion here or if that would be something for another blog or if I shouldn’t do that at all. What I’m afraid of is being drawn into an atheist vs. religious person debate, because those become so hostile so quickly. And I’m not sure that they are worth it.

While I’m critical of labels, I’ll give you some clues to who I might be: male, black, leftist, feminist, person of faith, student, kindergarten teacher. Oh, and I’m German and living in Germany. (You can tell, because I have no clue how commas work in English. No, clue!)

That’s all folks! For now.




About buildingzeelowly

Should you wonder about my name, it is an anagram.
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