A New Year….again

It’s the New Year and everybody is celebrating it.

Well, not everybody, since not all people on earth really start a new year today. The Jewish New Year is in September, the Chinese celebrate it in January or February. Muslims don’t celebrate theirs all that much, as far as I know. Presumably because it just moves around a lot and nobody can keep track.
But even if they didn’t celebrate yesterday and today, most people do understand that a new year is a sign of things going forward, progress, new chances, new things happening. Fresh air! Out with the old, in with the new!
At times like these, nobody thinks of poor, old Earth. You see, we celebrate progress, but for the planet that harbors us, this is very different. Earth just ended up at the same place she was 365 days and a couple of hours ago. For her, it’s not a new year. It is just the beginning of the same old routine.

So: Happy New Year everybody!

Hang in there, good, old Earth!

(And God forbid we notice that we all just ended up where we were a year ago!)




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Should you wonder about my name, it is an anagram.
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